How to setup mailchimp automation campaigns

Build your email list and automate your campaigns. Learn how to setup Mailchimp automation campaigns with step-by-step instructions.  

By now, you’ve probably heard email lists is where it’s at. And girl, it’s true. Building your email list is so important, but you already knew that that’s why you’re here. You know the importance of the list, you just need a little help building it. Well, I’ve got you! We’re going step-by-step, together, to […]

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My Favorite Sites for Stock Photography

Taking care of all the things involved in running a business or a blog is a lot of work. And although I am a huge fan of taking my own photos to convey my message, sometimes I need to supplement with stock photography, because, well, it makes things a little easier. Just starting out, it […]

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Stop Panic Posting and Create a Simple Instagram Strategy

Managing your social media can be hard. If you’re like me, you may fall into the trap of panic posting… not being strategic and posting on the fly, often times leading to remorse, poor performing posts, and sometimes dare I say it, the inevitable delete photo. It’s a vicious cycle, one that I used to […]

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Should you have an Instagram Landing Page?

How many times are you changing the link in your profile on Instagram? If your answer is on the daily, then we need to chat. Maybe you heard of LinkTree and made the switch to that cool tool, eliminating the need to do the constant link shuffle. It’s amazing, right?! But I also think there […]

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