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How To Make The Best Banana Fritters

Growing up, my dad would always make us Banana Fritters, a Jamaican dish, he used to eat growing up. Oh yeah, if you didn’t know, my dad is from Jamaica! And although I don’t look like anything other than a gringo, I’m Chinese, Jamaican and Italian – food at my parent’s house is just as […]

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The Perfect Sangria

I know it is only Tuesday morning, but it is perfectly acceptable to start thinking about your 5pm cocktail! Normally, I would go for a nice glass of red wine at the end of the night, but this heat has me craving something a little more refreshing. Thus, enter the perfect red sangria! A chilled red […]

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Corn on the cob is an easy summer staple. Mike and I love to entertain and host summer BBQ’s at the house and this side dish always makes the cut. INGREDIENTS Washed, unhusked corn Butter (I prefer Country Crook because it is soft and easy to apply) Season All, Seasoned Salt Tin Foil DIRECTIONS Before getting […]

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