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Simply Inspiring Boss Ladies: Naomi Martin

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I’m excited to bring you a truly inspiring boss lady for our second interview, she is a new friend who has the sweetest heart and an incredible story. Last week we met for lunch and I loved hearing all about her journey. Early on in her career she realized she wanted something more, and over the […]

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Simply Inspiring Boss Ladies: Christina Nicholson

You know when you’ve had something on your heart for a while but you’re afraid of taking that first step?? Well, this series has been that for me. Halfway through last year I decided I wanted to feature amazing, hard working ladies who are chasing their dreams and making things happen. Time passed by, I […]

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How to Achieve the Perfect Flat Lay Image

Last year I started receiving questions and inquires on how I achieve the “perfect flat lay image” (or lay flats, whichever you prefer!) that flood my Insta page. Today, I’m sharing 4 simple steps to help you create them! Whether you are a creative entrepreneur looking to provide a more consistent look and feel to […]

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