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Should you have an Instagram Landing Page?

How many times are you changing the link in your profile on Instagram? If your answer is on the daily, then we need to chat. Maybe you heard of LinkTree and made the switch to that cool tool, eliminating the need to do the constant link shuffle. It’s amazing, right?! But I also think there […]

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Design a Blog using Bluchic Themes

One of the biggest pain points I constantly hear from creative entrepreneurs is how to design a blog or website, especially when they’re just starting out. They typically use Wix or a native website builder to design their sites, and while those may be okay to get their first site launched, they quickly outgrow this […]

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How to Setup a Website in 15 Minutes with BlueHost

Learn how to setup a website using bluehost in 15 minutes

Are you thinking about starting a blog or re-doing your website? This step-by-step post will guide you through setting up a website in 15 minutes with BlueHost. I promise, it really is that easy! Working with client sites, I often get asked which hosting company is the best. Without hesitation, I always recommend BlueHost. I’ve […]

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