The Unexpected Way to Outsource for Your Creative Biz

On the blog, I usually cover marketing and branding tips along with ways to streamline and run a creative biz. Sometimes, I even branch out with the occasional home renovation post, because, well, my love for home renos runs deep!

Today’s post, though, feels a little outside the norm. It’s still business related, but more about overall efficiency and outsourcing tasks that can help you streamline your efforts and doesn’t include hiring a new team member.

Today, we’re talking grocery delivery, and how using Shipt is saving me time and making life so much easier.


Shipt is a grocery delivery service that allows you to order groceries online and have someone else shop for you.

For a while, I felt a little shame and guilt using Shipt, because it seemed super lazy. I mean, it’s just the hubby and I around here, and I work from home. In theory, I should be able to easily up and go to the grocery store, right?

But, after using Shipt for a few months, I realized I had saved time using Shipt and was able to focus on other things. I prioritized self-care over running to the grocery store.

How has Shipt created efficiency in my life?

  • I can spend an extra hour sipping wine and chatting with my husband in the evenings after work.
  • I  can move a little slower in the mornings, because I don’t have to rush to the store and try to make it through my never-ending to-do list.
  • I can streamline my days–no more fitting in grocery shopping between work commitments and personal appointments.

And I know what you’re thinking: isn’t a perk of owning your own business having the flexibility to run to the store in the middle of the day? Sure! But when I’m juggling all the things and really need to be as efficient as possible, leveraging services like Shipt allows me to focus on the more important priorities in my life.


While the cost for Shipt can be a turn-off because there is a slight up charge on select products than in store prices, I believe the convenience makes it worth it.

I’m able to complete grocery shopping in 10 minutes versus an hour. I’m able to keep adding to my list while my shopper is shopping for me.  

I also love that I’m able to easily shop from my phone or computer.

As I continue to grow and scale this business, I am leaning into tools, resources, and people that can help me streamline my efforts–including grocery services.

One day, I spent the unnecessary time comparing the cost of Shipt versus Instacart for Publix to realize that the minimal differences in price per item balanced themselves out in the end. While one item would be cheaper on one platform, the next product I was looking for was more expensive on the opposite platform–and we’re typically talking about a few cents difference.

Shipt has allowed me to focus on my priorities: my clients, my business, my relationship with my husband, and my self-care. Getting groceries isn’t at the top of my list.


Another random thing I really love about using this type of service is that I am empowering someone else to earn money while working their own schedule. Most of the Shipt delivery people I have encountered are moms who want something to help break up their day while also contributing to their families. I’ve also met college students who are looking to earn a little extra cash while going to school.

Knowing this is empowering others to have the freedom they want in their lives makes paying a premium for a delivery service well worth it.


I’ve got $50 off your regular membership with my link:

Becoming more efficient in your business doesn’t need to mean growing your team; it can be as simple as leveraging tools and resources to help you save an hour here and there.

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