The 10 minute cleaner beauty makeup routine for the busy mama

As a toddler mom and business owner, I’m looking for quick, easy ways to look and feel put together. I need a 10 minute makeup routine, not an elaborate one.

A few years ago I made the switch to better beauty products, but the reality is I had been eyeing these products for years before I ever made the switch.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of switching out my beauty products just felt like a lot. It meant I had to plan ahead instead of running to Ulta or Target. It meant trying to figure out my skin tone color match online versus having someone at Ulta help (aka tell) me what color I should be wearing. And then the idea of trashing old products that weren’t necessarily used up yet seemed wasteful.

Looking back I knew these were just excuses, but I didn’t feel a sense of urgency around swapping out to more natural beauty products. I knew I wanted to make the switch, but I didn’t have a specific event to make it happen at one time.

The Switch to Beauty Counter

So when I learned Jessica, our operations director for Sage was a Beauty Counter consultant one thing led to another and she helped me make the switch! By bringing in samples and talking me through the various products we were able to put together items that have become my go-to favorites for quick and easy daily makeup routine.

Beauty Counter’s Flawless in Five was my first purchase, it was the perfect bundle for the items I needed to get started as I made the switch: 

Flawless in Five

A few other skin care essentials I’ve added to my toolkit over the past few years:

What My Skincare Routine Looks Like

While I’m not a makeup girly, I do want a quick and easy routine that allows me to look put together. Emphasis on the quick and easy. I see so many reels of women doing a 32 step process for their skin and makeup routine and it’s just not something I’m prioritizing at this stage in my life. Yes, I want beautiful, radiant looking skin, but an extra few minutes of sleep (or let’s be honest, scrolling) before I get moving in the morning is where my time is going versus that 32 step skincare routine.

So, if you’re like me, in the throws of toddlerhood, a never-ending to-do list, and craving a few extra minutes of scroll time in bed, here’s an actual look of my daily skin and makeup routine.

Morning Routine

  1. Acure face wash
  2. Depending on how my face is looking / how much time I have, I’ll roll my face with a jade roller and Gua Sha stone to help with drainage and puffiness – this isn’t everyday, this is as needed a few times a week
  3. A facial oil, especially during the winter months
  4. Tinted moisturizer
  5. A little concealer for any spots that need it and to brighten under my eyes
  6. A little blush
  7. Mascara
  8. Lip balm tint
  9. Good to go!

If I have an event or am wanting my makeup to last a bit longer, I’ll use the Honest powder to create for a more “flawless” look that’ll last.

Typically this takes me 10 – 15 minutes in the morning, but I can also get it done in 5-ish depending on the day and what our morning is looking like!

Evening Routine

In the evenings, I use the Burt’s Bees cleansing oil to wash my face. This gets rid of the makeup and then finish with the John Masters Organic facial oil and a night balm for my lips.

These are my go-to products for my daily skin and makeup routine. I try to keep it simple and easy for the busy juggle of motherhood and business ownership.

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