2 Ways We Eliminate Decision Fatigue by Meal Planning

Managing the day to day aspects of life can be a lot to juggle when balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. One way I like to minimize decision fatigue and make the evening routine run on autopilot is with meal planning. 

While I love to cook, I hate cooking during the week. I prefer those slow weekend days in the kitchen versus the evening hustle – which I admittedly don’t do nearly as much anymore. 

With that said, hubby typically does the cooking. We both manage the grocery list and shopping as needed. Last year when Noah became a toddler it felt much harder to keep up with our meal planning routine we were doing when he was a baby so we decided to utilize HelloFresh again. 

What our meal planning used to look like

One thing we loved doing when Noah was a baby, was spending Sundays planning out our dinners for the week. After identifying our meals, I’d place an order on Shipt to have the groceries delivered to the house. 

During this time, Noah was home with the nanny and she was so helpful in prepping elements of our dinner during the week by prepping veggies or having various elements out for dinner out, ready for when we got home. 

Since she’s no longer with us (we miss Ms Krista so much!), HelloFresh feels like the next best thing when it comes to saving us a few extra steps, like she used to!

We used the following items to easily plan out what our meals looked like:

We decided to hang this chalkboard contact paper on the inside of our pantry cabinet door. It’s concealed but easy to see daily. 

We still use this method for planning out the week but on a smaller scale, so it’s more fluid these days. 

What meal planning looks like in this busy season  

Having 3 ready to cook meals a week delivered to our door helps us minimize the amount of brain power we have to put into meal planning since the meal and the ingredients to make it are sent to us. 

For the other days of the week, we do a combo of cooking our own meals and takeout/dining out. 

We love how easy HelloFresh makes dinner time. 

Try HelloFresh and get a free box on me, click here!

What are a few ways you make dinner time easier? 

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