The One Packing Tip Every Girl Should Know

There’s one packing tip you should know and it’s how to use the rolling method. I am sharing step by step instructions on how to roll your clothes, so you can fit more in your luggage (or leave a little extra space for finds during your adventure!).   Friends, I cannot contain my excitement for our upcoming trip […]

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Holiday Family Photos with Sweet Memories Photography

I know, I know, Halloween just ended and we’re only a few days into November, but we already had our holiday photos taken as a family. Between our trip to Italy quickly approaching and how fast this time of year seems to go, we decided to plan ahead. And I am so glad we did! Last weekend, we […]

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Fall in Love with Open Back Tops this Season

Open back tops are my absolute favorite! I love the subtle sexiness showing a little skin in the back creates. My friends tell me “that’s a Sianne top” when they come across open back tops and dresses. I think there is something so classic about these types of tops. As a lover of low backs, I had […]

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