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Flytographer is  the service we used to capture our family photos while we were in Italy and it was so worth it!


I am looonnnggg overdue for this blog post! We went to Italy back in November with my family and it was such an amazing trip. We drank all the wine, toured the vineyards, explored old cities and spent many days just relaxing. I had every intention of getting this post up before the year ended, but then the holidays were upon us, we were very busy with home projects, work projects and holiday travel, the end of 2016 ended in a rush. So here we are, 3 months into the new year and I am finally sharing the details of our little Italian rendezvous! #reallife

Among all the amazing things we did, one of my favorites was being able to capture family photos during our trip there. And with the use of Flytographer, it was super easy to do!

Once the trip was booked and we started to plan out our itinerary I knew I wanted to schedule a family photo shoot in Italy. We’ve never done a family session before and I know my mom has been wanting family pictures. And since all of us were making our way across the pond, and Italy is just so beautiful, I figured why not?!

That was until I started I started searching. It wasn’t easy to find a photographer within the budget I was looking for. After searching high and low and coming up short, my friend, Carolina from Carolina Guzik Photography shared Flytographer with me and it changed everything!

Their site makes it extremely easy to search for a photographer in your destination. They are a community of local photographers capturing vacation memories in 200 cities around the world. You simply enter the city you are traveling to and it serves up a number of photographers in that area. Pick a photographer based on their aesthetic and availability, choose a package and a Flytographer concierge will reach out to you to coordinate the rest! Seriously, so easy! To learn more about Flytographer click here.




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