4 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe and Secure

I was recently meeting with a client and they asked “how secure is WordPress?”, and to their surprise, I probably got a bit more technical than they may have expected. Being married to a tech guy, having worked in a technology company, and having a lot of friends in the industry I know a thing […]

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6 Black Friday Sales That Will Help Your Business

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had an amazing day with your friends and family, ate wayyyy too much, and are now doing the full-belly scroll. Well, now you know where I’m at 😉 Before you go running out the door to catch all of the Black Friday sales, I wanted to share a few of […]

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My Favorite Sites for Stock Photography

Taking care of all the things involved in running a business or a blog is a lot of work. And although I am a huge fan of taking my own photos to convey my message, sometimes I need to supplement with stock photography, because, well, it makes things a little easier. Just starting out, it […]

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