My Favorite Sites for Stock Photography

Taking care of all the things involved in running a business or a blog is a lot of work. And although I am a huge fan of taking my own photos to convey my message, sometimes I need to supplement with stock photography, because, well, it makes things a little easier.

Rounding up my favorite sites for stock photography for the creative entrepreneur

Just starting out, it can seem more practical to take your own photos, I thought so. The cost of stock photography was a bit more than I was willing to spend, especially when you are considering multiple images. 

But, if I really considered the amount of time it takes to get props (if I didn’t already have them laying around the house), style the shot, capture it, and then edit the photo. It was more cost effective for me to just purchase a few stock images. 

Not to mention, once you do all of that, you still need to edit the image for use in blog posts and social media. 

After following a few favorite sites for a while, I quickly realized I have access to beautiful, styled stock photography fo’ FREE! I just needed to sign up and join their lists! And, that’s all you need to do too, to get access to images that can make a huge impact on your biz.

I’ve rounded up my favorite styled stock photography sites so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet. Here are my faves! 

My fave sites!


Shay’s photos are beautiful and high quality. The originator of the super clean, bright white, flat lay. She provides high-end images, allowing you to easily build your brand’s visual identity.

We used this set for The Blogging Workshop.

Her new site, Social Squares, is perfect stock imagery to help with your social game. They’re designed for social feeds.  Check out her photos here and here


She has beautiful lifestyle inspired imagery, working on the couch with your laptop, yup she has that. But instead of the two-day-old shirt and yoga pants that you may be in, she’s created gorgeous photos to provide a professional at home feel. Check out her photos.


I love her work and the price point is even better! She has over 3,000 modern, fresh, feminine-styled stock photos to choose from. The images Kate Max Stock offers are a mix between your traditional flat lay and lifestyle imagery, perfect for blogging and social use. Check out her photos.


These images really do rock! They are different than the other stock image sites above, these focus on lifestyle settings with human elements, they even have photos with dogs, wine, and coffee! They live up to their name, stock that rocks, and is priced well! Check out their photos.

Sign up for any of the sites above and you’ll be sure to get all the freebies sent to you! Woohoo!!

Have another styled stock site that’s your fave?! Share in the comments below!

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