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How to Achieve the Perfect Flat Lay Image

Last year I started receiving questions and inquires on how I achieve the “perfect flat lay image” (or lay flats, whichever you prefer!) that flood my Insta page. Today, I’m sharing 4 simple steps to help you create them! Whether you are a creative entrepreneur looking to provide a more consistent look and feel to […]

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3 Ways to Reset in the New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We can still say that 3 days into 2017, right?! After popping the bubbly, throwing the confetti and counting down the seconds to this brand, spankin’ new year, I spent the weekend relaxing with friends and re-setting, mentally and physically. I tried out Orange Theory Fitness yesterday, and well, I can barely […]

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This Soup Recipe is Perfect for Thanksgiving

This super easy soup recipe has been a favorite of ours for a while now! It’s nice and hearty, perfect for the cooler, fall weather. My favorite evenings are lounging in yoga pants, sipping a glass of wine and savoring this delicious soup. We originally found this potato, sausage and kale soup recipe from the Publix […]

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