Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 2

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a #fridayfontfavorite around here, so I figured I’d share on of my faves that I recently discovered while designing my 2016 weekly planner that I just finished, last month. Yes, I am aware we are halfway through the year, but who’s counting… and you know… #gracenotperfection.

So, with this Friday Font Favorite, I figured I could share a font I love while providing a few closeups of my new planner!

Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 5Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 8Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 7Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 3 Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 4Autumn Chant Font - Planner 2016 6

Autumn Chant Regular Font

Autumn Chant was used throughout the planner for inspirational quotes, the monthly pages and for the top of each weekly page to identify the year. I love it when I come across an adorable font that perfectly matches what I am looking for on, because these fonts are all free!

Is there a font you’re currently using a lot? Let me know in the comments below!

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