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Marketing + Branding Strategist, Designer, Educator

Like most of us, I am many things. We discover our true purpose by trying, failing, and learning. Through those lessons we identify who we are and what we have to offer. I've identified my purpose, it is to help entrepreneurs, like you.

Meet Sianne

Reflecting on Life, Love and Marriage

Reflection – Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer As Michael and I are getting ready for “I do” we are taking steps within the church to prepare for marriage, and it has led to a lot of reflecting during the past couple of weeks. With both of us being tasked to write our own autobiography […]

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Switching it Up with Rock Climbing

Sometimes we just seem to fall into the same old routine, and every now and then we need to change it up! Weather it be our eating, work, or fitness routines occasionally they get old after a while and we need to do something about it to make it exciting again! Well, I am guilty of […]

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Sweat it out with Detox Yoga

To all my yogis and friends who may be interested in trying yoga for the first time, save the date and mark your calendars for a sweaty sesh with Katie Bersinger! Saturday, September 6 | 1 – 3:15pm Want to know more about Katie and the studio? Check out Power Yoga’s website for additional classes: http://www.yoga-power.com I hope […]

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