3 Ways to Reset in the New Year


After popping the bubbly, throwing the confetti and counting down the seconds to this brand, spankin’ new year, I spent the weekend relaxing with friends and re-setting, mentally and physically. I tried out Orange Theory Fitness yesterday, and well, I can barely move today. I got the house back in order and I did these three things to help me reset and start a new.

rest in the new year with a fresh, new 2017 planner from Inkwell press

Getting the Planner Ready! 

I realize a physical planner is not for everyone, but the fresh, clean pages of a new planner is sooo exciting. I like to go through my new planner, add in special and important dates, write out my quarterly goals and get everything just right so I can start off the new year on the right foot.

I’m currently using the InkWell Press Planner and am loving it. This planner meets my very high expectations in quality and design. This is the first planner I have purchased in 5 years. 5 years ago I decided to design and print my own planner because I couldn’t find anything that met my needs. Well, this one does and I am obsessed.

Rest in the new year by purging your inbox with Unroll.me!

Clean Up That Inbox

I hate a messy inbox. I mean hate it, especially with my personal account. The number of emails I have signed up for makes it unruly. I am constantly being reminded of the next sale at DSW, Nordstroms, J Crew, Express and the many other retailers I love to shop at. But do I need the constant reminder? They spam me so many times in a single day, I can’t keep up, nor want to.

Each year, I like to take some time and clean up my subscriptions. Maybe I got a little email happy throughout the year and need to scale it back just a bit! All those online purchases I made in 2016, do I still want to receive their emails? Not really. I like to use Unroll.me to get my inbox back on track. It is a super easy way to manage all of your unsubscribes in one place – yes, please!

Start the new year fresh by getting out there and being active! Use Nike Training Club App to get started!

Get Physical

The holidays just ended and the cookies are almost gone. Although I just brought home a new tray of cookies last night – yikes! One of the best ways to reset and feel just as fresh as the new year is is to be active. Get outside, if it’s not too cold (total perk of living in Florida!), and get moving. Lace up your shoes and try out a new class or workout.

I tried out Orange Theory Fitness yesterday and oh em gee, I am sooo sore! I can barely move, but I moved yesterday and that’s not something I regret. If you’re a workout at home person, my favorite app is Nike Training Club. Similar to Orange Theory, this app tells you what to do and when to do it. A workout I don’t have to think about, yes, that has my name all over it.

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How are you resetting in the new year? What apps and tools are using to help you get on track? Tell me in the comments below! 


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