A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats | Fort Lauderdale Collaborative Shoot

Last week I shared a sneak peek of this beautifully styled shoot on Instagram and I’m so excited to finally share it here, on the blog!



The Rising Tide Society motto was inspiration for our collaborative shoot. We wanted to visually tell a story of how you can create something greater when you collaborate instead of compete. We also drew inspiration from stories like Mobey Dick and the Swiss Robinson Family, two tales showcasing the ability to weather the storm when you come together. This set the stage for our design, color palette and overall inspiration.



Drawing from the inspiration of the Rising Tide, we found a canoe to use for our stranded at sea styled shoot. Bringing this boat to shore, we created an intimate dinner for the bride and groom to celebrate their love.

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The representation and meaning of the swing was one of my favorite elements of the shoot. Amber, from Oh My! Occasions came up with the idea of the swing to represent the strength we get from our tribe.

“The swing is there to show how we can support one another, it shows us that when we need a little help getting started we have our tribe to help push us. And once we get going and  that tribe gets a little tired, we are strong enough to continue because of that momentum. And once you get a little tired and need more support, love, and encouragement, that tribe is still there, rested and strong to be able to help push you again.” 

This to me summed up the entire reason WHY we were doing this shoot and why the Rising Tide Society is so amazing. We came together to create something beautiful in a truly collaborative effort, the event planners worked together to determine a venue, style and overall aesthetic for the shoot, the florists went on numerous adventures to select rentals, determine the design and gather flowers, all while the entire team weighed in on the design! Through the Rising Tide Society we have become each other’s tribe, cheering and motivating one another along our journey. This right here, IS the reason we were able to create these gorgeous photos.

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Event Planners




Hair + Makeup


Stationary + Calligraphy

Cake Design


I am so grateful and honored to have been part of this collaborative shoot, be sure to check out the amazing vendors above! Don’t forget sharing is caring — if you love these photos as much as we do, be sure to share this post on your social channels with the icons below! 

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