Cleaning Out My Closet – Fall De-Cluttering

Although it doesn’t really feel like fall here in Florida, it is definitely upon us. Scarfs are making their debut, even when it is 80 degrees outside – yes, I am guilty of this! Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are all we see on our Facebook feed, apple picking and corn mazes also seem to flood the newsfeed this time of year, and well the fact that Halloween is today, is a clear indication that fall has arrived. But somehow we are already halfway through the season as tomorrow starts the first day of November. I may be a bit later than usual, but this time of the year calls for cleaning out the closet.

Most people associate spring as the season to deep clean and get into every nook and cranny, but fall is another season I like to deep clean. From cleaning out my closet, to transitioning the décor around the house, the change of seasons and the cooler air calls for a seasonal de-clutter. Cynthia Ewer author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Organized states “A closet de-clutter is more a ritual celebration of the change of seasons. It’s a time for reflection, a time to cut the clutter.”

On my long list of to-do’s, cleaning out my closet was one I kept skipping over. Yes, it may be time consuming and tedious, but the end result allows you to be prepared for the new season ahead. To simplify this process, I followed these easy steps to tackle the mess that was my closet:

Set Aside Time

It took me an entire day. I thought I would be able to power through and get other items on my to-do list crossed off, but it took me longer than I anticipated. So don’t underestimate the amount of time this will take!

Grab Some Bags

I had three large garbage bags filled, one for trash and two for donating. Make sure you have plenty of bags nearby.

Remove Everything

I keep everything on the hangers and move it to my bed and out of the closet. I use the floor for the trash and donate piles, as well as shoes and accessories.

Make Piles

This is where I use the 1-year rule; if I haven’t worn it in a year it is time to donate it. If it has holes and is overly worn (meaning there is no salvaging it) I toss it. If it needs to be taken into a seamstress to fix a button, hole, etc. I move that to a different pile.

Fall Cleaning - Piles

Dust, Vacuum or Sweep!

This is a perfect opportunity to get back into the crevasses of your closet and vacuum, dust or sweep! I also like to take this time to wipe down my baseboards.

Hang Everything Back Up

This is where my OCD kicks in. I like to hang my clothes by type and color. I even like to organize my shoes in the same manner.

Fall Cleaning - Closet 7  Fall Cleaning - Closet 2

While cleaning my closet I also went through all of my drawers to keep them clutter free and rotate any seasonal clothes. I wanted to share the facelift I gave my closet a couple of years ago and how I maximized the space, but more on that next time!

Happy Organizing!

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