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Home search checklist free printable

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you already know Michael and I have begun the search for a home! And, if you’ve read my last post about fitness apps, you also know house hunting is taking up all of our free time. Although it can be a little overwhelming searching for a house, we’re trying to stay as organized as possible throughout the process. We narrowed down the location of where we want to be, but the possibilities are endless and the list of homes to look at are never ending. So, in our attempt to stay organized we put together a potential home check list to help us identify all of the pros and cons to a specific house. We also put together a new home search binder to keep all of the papers and information in one location.

In addition to our realtor and these printables, we’ve been using to check listings around us while we’re out and about. We spent the day driving through specific areas to get a better feel of potential neighborhoods, now we’re off to continue the conversation and narrow down our selection.

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Do you have any tips for staying organized while house hunting? I’d love to hear how you kept or are keeping organized!

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