Labor Day Adventures

Labor Day has come and gone, but our memories from this three day weekend will last a while, especially with all the pictures we took! There will be more to come for future posts on what we did, but here’s a quick snapshot to recap the weekend:

Friday night we started out at The Grotto in San Marco with tapas and wine…lrg-581-dcp_9610

With plenty of wine to go around… DSC01600

Then we decided to mosey on over to Indochine for more wine and thai food! paleochickencurry

We called it a night after dinner, so we could get up bright and early for our Saturday adventures! photo 9

Saturday we explored the great outdoors and Kayaked Ameila Island… photo 10 photo 12

Then, we beached it for a bit to explore and take 11

We spotted something from the 70s, not quite what we were expecting in the great outdoors…photo 13

But then we made a friend (that’s more like it!) photo 8

After working up an appetite, we made our way to Historic District and stopped by Tasty’s for a bite to eat… (Disclaimer: This was Garrett’s food and he destroyed it, I’m still in awe! Mike and I had a more basic burger and fry combo with a milkshake of course!)  IMG_2306

And then we proceeded to Fort Clinch state park for some more exploring! photo 22

We swam, we walked, we explored and Garrett captured some amazing photos! photo 15 photo 14

Sunday we relaxed at the house and got a few things done, like… worked on the wedding website,wedding website

Mike built a desk (all in a day’s work)… desk

And framed out the mirror in the second bathroom… bathroom mirror

We continued our bathroom project Monday morning by priming it… photo

Then, headed to Tyler’s house for a fun day in the sun… photo 3photo 17

With some really good BBQ!photo 18  photo 20

After lunch we sat there and relaxed, enjoying the evening sun…photo 5

And to wrap up the day we continued on our quest for the best burger in Jax with a visit to Epik Burger… photo 2

Thanks Garrett for all of the great pictures from our adventures on Saturday – they look awesome! Check out more pictures from Garrett, here.

What did you do for the Labor Day weekend? Share your adventures below!

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