Brand Spotlight: The All New Oh My! Occasions

Today, we’re poppin’ the bubbly and celebrating the re-brand and site launch of a sweet friend, Amber Schryver, owner and lead event planner from Oh My! Occasions!

We're poppin' the bubbly and celebrating the launch of branding and marketing services client, Amber, from Oh My! Occasions

Amber and I met a little over two years ago during our local Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together monthly meetups.

At the same time I decided I wanted to take my side hustle full-time and focus on providing marketing and branding services to small business owners, Amber reached out.

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Amber already had logo and branding elements in place but wanted to revamp her site and overall messaging to bring a consistent presence to her established brand. We worked together to identify her goals, core values, brand vision, updated visual elements and brand personality.

We identified unique elements to portray in her brand. During our branding exercise, Amber used words like “modern” “playful” and “casual” to describe Oh My! Occasions.

After our branding exercise, I was able to create this mood board to align with her vision:

Amber hired me for branding and marketing services - before we recreated her brand image, we worked on creating a mood board

We then created a brand direction book to concisely identify the elements of her brand, including her brand purpose, why statement, vision and mission statements, brand personality, voice, and tone. This brand book acts as a guideline for her brand, ensuring she provides a consistent message in all her efforts.

Every brand and small business owner should have a brand book - it helps make sure you stay on brand and on point in all of your efforts!

We also worked closely together with Naomi from Sweet Memories Photography to align her brand images to the new brand direction, creating additional mood boards, identifying props and elements to include in her session and specific shots needed for her marketing efforts.

Bring your brand to life with a mini styled shoot to convey your brand's visual cues! Photos captured by Sweet Memories Photography

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started in wedding planning?

From a young age, I had a passion to organize events. Growing up, holiday parties were held at my family’s Chicago home, so I was always playing mini hostess: straightening the table settings, starting the music, greeting guests, and timing out the gift exchanges and dinner schedule.

As the only daughter and middle child, I was in love with the spotlight. These family gatherings were the perfect opportunity for me to put on shows and performances in our unfinished basement. I recruited my brothers as actors and created these productions with detailed scripts, structured timelines, assigned seating, ticket sales, customized menus, and even wardrobe. By the ripe age of 5, I was the ultimate party planner!

Commanding the attention of, literally, anyone who would watch, I began producing events from Titanic reenactments to fake news broadcasts and highly choreographed musicals. The hospitality and production bug followed me into adulthood where I graduated with a degree in film production. I worked with the American Film Institute in LA and interned at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

While studying for my degree, I pursued a career in planning corporate events and sports functions. I fell in love with this job that embraced my Type A personality and compulsive need for order. I then recognized the opportunity to join my passions together.

My elaborate childhood productions evolved into planning life’s biggest and best occasions. I’m still designing “sets” and working with a behind-the-scenes team to put together social events that have so much emotion and meaning behind them! I still love peeking from behind the curtain and watching the audience’s reaction… I live for those “oh my” occasions!

We migrated Amber from GoDaddy hosting to Bluehost and customized the Quinn Theme from Bluchic to create her new site.

Why did you decide to revamp your brand and redesign your website?

As an overachiever and self-diagnosed control freak, I insisted on designing my own website. Having absolutely zero experience in coding and not even knowing what SEO stood for, the website failed miserably. On the back end, nothing was set up properly to even be visible on search engines or specific search phrases. In fact, I was doing everything I wasn’t supposed to be doing, like “stuffing” keywords in places they didn’t belong.

Aesthetically, it was time for cohesive colors that weren’t necessarily targeted to anyone, but instead a reflection of myself. I chose my favorite colors and fonts and shared my preferences with my branding coach and web designer. While I didn’t fully rebrand, I definitely re-launched/re-vamped my brand.

I worked diligently with Sianne to choose wording that clearly explained what I do and what types of events I love doing. Being able to truly break down my why’s, how’s, and what’s allowed my brand to “speak” about what sets us apart.

What is your favorite part of your new site and/or brand?

Hmmm… tough question because everything as a whole really flows much better now.

My favorite part would probably be how we were able to concisely summarize what Oh My! Occasions does, and stating it in a way that reflects what we love most about our job.

Instead of saying “we plan weddings” or “we design events”, we were able to stylishly state what we do, and how we take our events a step further:

Embracing your unique story and bringing your vision to life

I love that. It’s exactly what we do.

Oh My! Occasions is a wedding planner, designer and event stylist in the South Florida area | Showcasing her beautiful couples and events in her brand new site launch!Photos by: Erika Delgado Photo // Chris Headshots  // Volturo Photography // Erika Delgado Photo // Chris Headshots // Miami Love Stories

Tell us about your ideal client:

My ideal clients are people who are EXCITED about whatever they’re celebrating. A vow renewal, a marriage, a baby shower, a corporate event, whatever it may be.

I love the clients that are eager about celebrating any sort of special event. That excitement stems from a place of love, whether that’s love for each other, love for a soon-to-be-born baby, or love for an organization.

Once we have that initial “eeeeeeee!” from our clients (you know, the squeal you make when you’re super excited about something), then we move on to the trust phase.

Our ideal clients trust us, as the professionals, to provide them with the best service and recommendations to fit their personality, budget, and style.


It was so much fun bringing everything together, launching a beautiful brand the matches Amber’s vision.

Go cheer her on and visit her remodeled home on the web!

Website | Facebook | Instagram 


*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I only share brands and products that I use and truly love!



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