Our First Home!

Last week, Mike and I closed on our first home!!! We were so excited leading up to it, we woke up at 4am on closing day :0

Once we got into our new home we were so anxious to get started. We ended up ripping up the carpet, tearing down a wall, and began scrubbing the place clean, all within two hours of being in the new house!

The past four days have been a whirlwind. We’ve been hard at work redesigning the space to make it our own. Between the two of us, we are designing and handling most of the renovation ourselves, with a little help from our friends and family. After four days straight of tackling every. single. part of the house, my entire body hurts, but it is totally worth it! I can’t wait to share some of the progress photos with you.

Here’s a little peek into our inspiration:

Mood Board Inspiration

Our goal is to create a cool neutral palette throughout the entire house. We want the soft, airy look with touches of warm tones to keep it comfy and inviting.

Although the house was in decent shape, there’s something in almost every room we want to change. So, we are tackling a lot the big messy projects the first month, but will be completing our house in phases so we don’t break the bank 😉

I’ll be sharing our progress photos and what we are doing room by room each week! To see more of our inspiration check out our kitchen, dining room and master bath Pinterest boards to see what we’re planning!

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