Simply Inspiring Boss Ladies: Michelle Dempsey

I’m really excited to introduce you to a woman who has completely transformed her life and is a true inspiration for every #girlboss out there! Michelle is a native-New Yorker with a heart as big as her personality.

Michelle and I connected last year at a blogger meet up and have been crossing paths ever since. For today’s Simply Inspiring Boss Ladies interview, I’m pleased to welcome Michelle Dempsey!

 #girlboss Michelle Dempsey shares her story of going from mommy blogger to published author, public speaker and entrepreneurPhoto by Michelle Citrin Studios

Boss Lady Michelle Dempsey Shares Her Story

Tell me a little bit about yourself, who is Michelle Dempsey?

I am a writer with business-focused brain, a loving friend, an obsessive coffee-drinker, a believer that love and kindness can save the world, and most of all, a mother to the sweetest little 2-year-old girl around.

What do you do?

I run a full-service content marketing firm, specializing in blogging, email marketing, website content, social media and brand consulting.

How did you get started?

Without even trying! I had been writing for my personal mommy blog and freelancing for a few magazines and online publications. Once I found myself published by some heavy-hitters such as Huffington Post and Elite Daily, friends with businesses began reaching out to see if I could help them with their content. Voila, my business was born.

What was your journey to fully launching your own business and getting it off the ground?

It is still a journey – and that’s the most important thing to remember. Once you’re up and running, whether it takes a week or a year, your business will be constantly evolving. Because I had interest in my writing before I even developed a website, I kind of started backwards. I began taking client work and then putting together systems to make it all flow seamlessly once I realized what was needed of me to make this work.

Is this what you always wanted to do? If not, what changed?

This is 200% what I’ve always wanted to do – except now I want to do more. I always want more. I suppose this is the reason for my success, and some of my downfalls!

What obstacles have you had to overcome to do what you do? Did you have issues with people taking you seriously or getting the support of others behind you?

I had to overcome trying to hustle as hard as I could with a then one-year-old in tow. I had great plans and ideas, but when you’re a mother, your child comes first – so sleep became a distant memory. In the beginning, I would spend as much time as I could, catering to my daughter during the day, and as much time as I could at night to get all my work in. Of course, there were people who didn’t realize how determined I was, and I was even told that I would never make money as a writer. Who’s laughing now, folks?

What do you love most about what you do?

My favorite part is connecting with my clients, earning their trust, putting their passion and ideas into words, and then sitting back and watching their businesses succeed. It’s the whole process that I love most, really. This is my dream.

What do you love least about what you do?

I am my own worst enemy sometimes, especially when it comes to being hard on myself. I dislike that even on my most successful of days, I am still questioning my ability to be successful. I don’t know if it’s the hustler in me or some weird personality trait I should probably work on, but I put myself in competition with myself, which causes me to push myself to the limit every single day.

How do you manage the two?

Self-care on the good days. Self-care on the bad days. And lots, and lots of quality time with my daughter. My self-care routine ranges from an intense 45-minute outdoor cardio session on a beautiful day to laying in my bed with a bag of kettle popcorn and watching HGTV. I’m simple like that.

What was your biggest struggle in launching your business?

Self-limiting beliefs. Somewhere along the line, my confidence and self-esteem had been damaged big time as a young girl. There was a voice that nagged me constantly; “You’re not worth being paid this amount.” “No one will take you seriously.” “This is not going to work.”

But then it did. It worked. People paid, and they took me seriously. Most importantly, I learned to take myself seriously.

If you were to provide advice to the girl who is currently day dreaming about starting her own business what three tips would you give her?

  1. Do it.
  2. Embrace the fear.

Where can people find you?

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