Sneak Peek: The Wedding Invitation

Mike and I are celebrating two milestones this month, 7 years together and a year of being engaged! However, we are still 7 months away from walking down the aisle and saying “I do”. Since I am doing very well with all of my wedding to-do’s I turned my focus to wedding invitations. Oh and how I love invitations… the paper, fonts and pretty little details have me all giddy inside! I could spend hours just flipping through the books and admiring the different styles, and if you ask my Maid Of Honor, she will tell you we did just that (although for her it was probably torture). As we sat there in the studio and looked at the various styles I noticed I liked a piece from different designs, after leaving I wasn’t sure which one I really wanted to move forward with. I thought about it a bit longer and decided I could design them myself. I mean I’ve designed invites for baby showers, graduations, anniversary parties and much more, why couldn’t I design it for my wedding?!

And I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with this decision – I spent all day on Sunday designing, cutting, redesigning and mocking up our wedding invite! My desk was a complete and utter disaster! I had trim paper everywhere, multiple scissors and cutting boards laying around, various papers, glue tape and everything else just crowding my work surface. My OCD tendencies were going crazy, but the designer in me loved it all. By Sunday afternoon I had crafted a complete draft of the wedding invitation. Like I said, it’s a mockup, so I am going to order the actual colored paper for the backing versus using a printed color, but I think it does a great job of showing what the final design will look like, here’s a sneak peak:

photo 6

What do you think? Did you design your wedding invites or were you happy to order them and have someone else design them?

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