Sparkle, Glitter & Shine in 2015!

Ringing in the new year has already come and gone… for me it came fast, too fast where I didn’t even get a chance to reflect on all that happened in 2014, let alone determine and set goals for the year ahead. This year the turn of the clock felt like just another day, days that have recently become filled with planning and discussing the unknown. With the countdown to our wedding fast approaching, living in two different cities and trying to figure out how and when Michael (and all of our stuff) will move down, the holidays kind of took a back seat. There’s so much I wanted to do, to share and to write about but there was just never enough time in the day.

The past couple of months I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, I’ve been overjoyed, stressed, worried, anxious, happy, excited, nervous, and so so ready to be settled (hopefully sometime soon.) But today, eight days into the new year, I can finally share my thoughts on 2014 and commit to my hopes and dreams for 2015.

2014 Highlights:

  • January
  • February
    • Had a blast at our engagement party hosted by my beautiful parents, check out photos here
  • March
    • Worked a lot …
  • April
    • Took engagement photos in St. Augustine with the lovely Alison from Life and Love Studios
    • Celebrated my brother’s 22 birthday in Vegas with the family!
  • May
    • Quit my job at the agency and began blogging again : )
    • The re-design of Simply Sianne quickly followed!
  • June
    • Joined the fabulous Megan Martin Creative team
    • Spent days on the beach, soaking in the sun, ocean and waves
  • July
    • Faced my fear of flying in a small (like really really small) plane, you can read about it here
    • My older brother moved back to Florida! Woohoo!
  • August
    • Traveled to Atlanta a lot for side work (and almost moved there…)
    • requested to use our Save the Date design for their website, read more here
  • September
    • Finalized the design of our wedding invites, check out the sneak peek here
  • October
    • Tiffany (Mike’s sister) and Aaron got married! And I had the honor of assisting the day of!
    • For the first time in 4 years, I finished designing my planner prior to the new year. Check out the new design that I am totally obsessed with here : D
  • November
  • December
    • Constantly worried and tried to plan for the unknown (aka Mike moving down)
    • Life and Love Studio launched a new web design and our engagement photos are featured!

A New Day, A New Adventure

2014 consisted of a lot of changes, challenges and new adventures. I am so excited for 2015! It’s the year Michael and I vow to do this thing called life together, no matter the twist and turns it takes. It’s the year I get to be closer to my family, it’s the year we begin our life as Mr. & Mrs., it’s the year I worry less (or at least try), it’s the year I appreciate all that I have, it’s a new chapter of a book we continue to write, it’s a chance to turn the page and see what’s next. So for today, regardless of the fact that it’s 8 days into the new year, throw the confetti, pop champagne, celebrate the life you live and be thankful for all that you have, at least that’s what I plan to do 😉

And to really help you celebrate, here’s a little something that will make your desktop sparkle, glitter and shine as you start the new year! Click here to download.

January Desktop Wallpaper Mockup

Image courtesy of Shay Cochrane from SC Stock Shop.

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