Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is an easy summer staple. Mike and I love to entertain and host summer BBQ’s at the house and this side dish always makes the cut.


  • Washed, unhusked corn
  • Butter (I prefer Country Crook because it is soft and easy to apply)
  • Season All, Seasoned Salt
  • Tin Foil


  1. Before getting started, make sure you unhusk and wash the corn.
  2. Set aside the corn on a dish towel to let dry. In the meantime, start cutting pieces of foil big enough to diagonally wrap the corn (if you have 8 cobs, be sure to have 8 squares of tin foil ready to go, before moving on to the next step).
  3. With the stack of tin foil pieces ready to go, create an assembly line with the butter, season all, corn and tin foil.
  4. To make this easier, I like to remove one square of tin foil from the stack and place in between the corn sitting on the cloth and the remaining stack of tin foil to have a full line up ready to go.
  5. With your assembly line in place, lather all of the cobs with butter, and move the buttered cob to the one piece of foil that you set aside. I’ll stack them double high if needed.
  6. To cover the entire cob in butter I simply stick my hand in the butter container, scoop out some butter with my fingers and lather up the corn, ensuring that I cover the entire cob.
  7. Once all of the cobs have been buttered, individually sprinkle the corn with Season All. One by one, move the buttered corn onto the stack of tin foil pieces, sprinkle with Season All and wrap tin foil around the cob. I prefer to place the cob diagonally on the square piece of foil, and begin wrapping. Wrap the foil around the cob once, then turn the edges of the foil in and continue rolling any excess foil available around the cob. This helps keep the butter from dripping out while cooking on the grill.
  8. After all the cobs have been buttered, seasoned and wrapped individually, they are ready to cook, or set aside if you are prepping.
  9. Grill for 30 – 40 minutes or until soft to the touch, rotating every 10 – 15 minutes.

We especially love this recipe because you can prep ahead of time, doing steps 1 through 8, in the morning or the night before to make day-of entertaining easier. We store the ready to cook cob in the refrigerator until we are ready to put them on the grill. When grilling, we normally start with the corn since it takes the longest, but sometimes we have too much on the grill and will start them a little early, take them off when ready, and then put them back on for a few minutes before serving.

Put on the bathing suit, grab a cold one and play backyard games is a seasonal favorite that can be enjoyed year-round in South Florida! Pin this easy-to-make corn on the cob recipe and save for later, it won’t disappoint!

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