The One Packing Tip Every Girl Should Know

There’s one packing tip you should know and it’s how to use the rolling method. I am sharing step by step instructions on how to roll your clothes, so you can fit more in your luggage (or leave a little extra space for finds during your adventure!).


Friends, I cannot contain my excitement for our upcoming trip to Italy!!! I am looking forward to unplugging with my family in the Tuscan region. And unwinding with good wine and delicious food!


My friend, Sara, recently shared a simple packing trick with me that I can’t believe I haven’t done before! The rolling method. Maybe, it’s just me and I’m a little late to the party (what else is new?!) but I am loving this little trick!


  1. Lay your top flat on the bed or even surface
  2. Fold a small portion of the bottom of the shirt up and under
  3. Turn the left side towards the center (the same way you would tri-fold a towel), then repeat on the right side
  4. After you turn in both sides, roll the shirt (like you would a yoga mat) from top to bottom
  5. Once you roll the shirt to the bottom, take the little fold over that creates a pocket and finish wrapping the shirt into said pocket
  6. Voila! You are done, now just to do that so many times until all of your items are rolled!

You can apply this method to pants, sweaters, shirts and even socks! I was seriously mind blown when Sara introduced this method to me. I’ve seen it done without the “pocket”, and I think this is a game changer. The pocket keeps everything in it’s place, you can literally throw the rolled up piece of clothing and it will stay in tact (if you roll it correctly!).



the one packing tip every girl should know

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Do you have any other packing tips that you just can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below! 

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