Trend Alert: The Bold Brow

bold brow

One of 2016’s beauty trend predictions included a bold, boyish, au natural brow – we saw it on the runway, in magazines, and for those bold enough to wear it, we saw it on the streets. This natural brow definitely makes a statement and provides a bold look. But, if you’re a little less bold and a lot more like me, a tamed down version of this boyish trend is the way to go! Check out these helpful tips from my go-to brow stylist, Amy from the European Wax Center.

Amy keeps my brows on-point and has shared a few tips and tricks to help me achieve a perfect, bold brow on my own.

Before you accentuate your eyebrows and call more attention to them, make sure they are perfectly shaped. This is something I don’t ever touch – I leave it all to my professional go-to gal. But, if this is something you do on your own, Amy shared a few tips on making sure you achieve brow-fection.

bold brow closeup

Tips for Shaping Your Brow

  • Boyish Trim – To achieve the boyish eyebrow look without going overboard, Amy suggests trimming your brows slightly to keep them tamed, but avoiding the overly manicured look
  • Finding Your Natural Arch – Amy says the best way to ensure your eyebrows look their best is to let your face be the guide in shaping your eyebrows
    • Locate Your Starting Point: Take your tweezer and flip it around, so the open end is facing down. Align the tweezer to the outside of your nostril, with the top of the tweezers resting close to your eyebrows. The vertical line the tweezer makes will identify the starting point for your eyebrow
    • Mark Your End Points: Using your tweezer facing down again, move it diagonally across your face until it reaches the outside corner of your eye, this spot where the tweezer intersects your eyebrow identifies the ending point for your eyebrow
    • Shape Your Arch: Looking straight into the mirror, the arch should be at its highest point just above the outer rim of your iris. From there, you should follow a slight arch to remove a row of hairs from your arch to shape the tail

How to Achieve a Bold Brow

Using the Browfection Brow Powder Duo, we’re able to easily achieve this look. Amy shares her pro tips for you to be able to do this yourself:

  1. Once you’ve applied some powder to the angled side of the dual-ended brow brush, start the application of the powder at the arch in your brow. Be sure to start right in the middle of your brow line and work your way out. This was a game changer for me – I was starting from the outside of my brow – yikes!
  2. After you’ve started applying the powder in the middle of your arch, pull down to the tail, staying in the center of your hairline. The tail should be lighter than the arch and the arch should be the darkest point in your eyebrow.
  3. To finish the tail, reapply powder to your brush and start at the bottom of your hairline at the arch (instead of in the center of your hairline, which is where you originally started) and work outward to the end of the brow.
  4. Remembering to start in the center of your hairline, fill in the rest of your eyebrow lighting making sure not to go to heavy at the starting point of your brow.

Starting from the center makes the arch the focal point and allows the eyebrow to feather out from there, giving this bold look a more natural feel.


What do you think of this bold trend? Yay or nay?

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