Yoga Pose of the Week: Forearm Balance

Forearm balance is actually a lot harder than it looks… and for whatever reason I felt like I needed to master it last week. I was constantly turning upside down and practicing Pincha Mayurasana at the beach, around the house, at the studio, anywhere and everywhere! Since I was a 10-year gymnast I thought it would be fairly easy, I have my headstand and handstand and I can walk around on my hands for an excessive amount of time, but forearm balance, man it’s hard!

I am still working on the pose, trying to make sure my shoulders don’t sink and that my back doesn’t arch too much. But everyday is a step forward in making progress and practice helps us achieve progress. Here are some pics from the beach this past Sunday:

forearm balance 3 forearm balance 2 forearm balance

If you are trying to get into Pincha Mayurasana start off in Dolphin with your forearms flat on  the ground, palms facing the earth and a shorter stance than Downward Dog. Once you’re in Dolphin walk your feet closer to your arms and try to lift one or both legs to bring it up slowly. You should start to feel the weight shift from your feet into your forearms, once you do slowly kick up and balance. I highly recommend doing this near a wall until you are comfortable.

Remember, whatever we are looking to achieve today it takes patience and practice, don’t give up and just keep trying (or if you love Nemo like I do – just keep swimming!)

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