Podcast Roundup: The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

As a creative entrepreneur who is currently #ontheroadtofulltime, while also working a 9 to 5, my time is precious. There is so much to do, with so little time. And if you’re in the same boat, you probably feel the same way! Today, I’m sharing a round up of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.

A round of up of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs

I strongly believe, in today’s world, if you aren’t keeping up with the latest trends, platforms, and algorithm changes you are getting left behind. That’s not to say that you need to ditch your strategy every time a new shiny object appears on the scene, but you should, as a business owner, be aware of the ever-changing digital space we market and operate our businesses. But how does one keep up with #allthethings? I know, I can’t attend every webinar, conference, and meet up I would like, and I’m willing to bet, you can’t either. Whether it be time or money, we just can’t do it all.

Podcasts are my secret weapon. I LOVE listening to podcasts during my commute, it allows me to keep up with the evolving landscape of our space. Listening to interviews, and tips and tricks from others who are putting out great content, allows me to learn while doing something that is never fun…. commuting. I listen on my way to and from work, maximizing my listening time. Today, I’m sharing my favorite podcasts with you, so you can learn and maximize your time, because as I’m sure we all can agree, time is a valuable thing that we just don’t have enough of.

Round Up of My Favorite Podcasts

  • Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast – I mean who doesn’t love this mac n’ cheese, yoga pant obsessed entrepreneur?! She consistently puts out great content, that is perfect for us, the creativepreneur.
  • My Creative Empire – this was the first podcast I started listening to. This dynamic duo, Christina, an attorney for creatives, and Reina, a life and biz success coach, provide great perspective on owning and running your own business. They even cover some of the legal stuff that none of us like to touch.
  • Ready. Aim. Empire – I love how Lise Kuecker walks you through many of her steps and strategies that she has used to build multiple seven-figure businesses. This is a great podcasts for those that want a little more step-by-step process versus just interview style podcast.
  • How I Built This – I find it so inspiring to hear how others have built their businesses, this is a great podcast for just that. One of my favorites is the Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade interview! (Thanks Arielle!) Did you know her first bags were made of burlap?! My oh my, she has come a long way. A nice reminder, that we all start somewhere!

I know there are so many other great podcasts out there! I may make this a monthly roundup. What do you think, is this something you want to see each month?

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