Simply Inspiring Boss Lady: Alexandra Courson

The next girl boss in our Simply Inspiring Boss Lady series is someone I met through the Rising Tide Society collaboration shoot we did, almost a year ago. This lovely lady was our model for the shoot. She grew up modeling and continued to build a career in front of the camera. Have you ever seen a model work? It is amazing how well they know how to position themselves in front of a camera!

Alex Courson is a simply inspiring boss lady, who juggles it all. She occasionally picks up a modeling gig, manages her branding business, and runs around with her adorable and very sassy daughter, who is the cutest thing ever!

Girl Boss Alexandra Courson shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur

Boss Lady Alex Courson Shares Her Story

Tell me a little bit about yourself, who is Alex Courson?

Well, Let’s see, I’m a single mom, former model and current branding strategist who accidentally opened a full-service creative firm.

What do you do?  

I am a Branding Strategist who opened a full service creative firm specializing in linking marketing efforts and sales return through messaging and packaging by telling each brand’s story as powerful as the services they provide.

How did you get started with this?

I was groomed for it.  I grew up working in my mother’s PR and marketing firm.  So when other kids were taking out the trash and making beds, I was doing that, and pitching stories to the associated press.  My mom taught me everything she knew, and then I was an early adopter.

What was your journey to fully launching your own business and getting it off the ground?  

My journey really started when I got let go from a startup company I was in charge of marketing and business development for because they lost funding.  It was scary as hell, but I had always known this was a challenge that I wanted to take on so with no money and no real resources, there was literally no time like the present.  I learned very quickly that I don’t know half of what I need to know in business, and I’m learning more and more every day.

Is this what you always wanted to do? 

Yeah, you know I think I did.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the personalities behind the brands. Each one has a story and I think at the very core, I’m a storyteller.  When I can paint a picture of what a brand is through words, activities, and interaction, It is awesome.Especially when you see your campaigns on billboards, or stories that you pitched in a media outlet in Germany.  It’s crazy. And I love seeing entrepreneurs succeed and be more and contribute more in the world. I have so many great clients that truly have become friends and confidantes. These relationships are amazing and incredibly fulfilling.

What do you love least about what you do?  

Sending out INVOICES!!!!!

How do you manage the two?  

I hired a bookkeeper because I wanted to focus on connecting with businesses and business owners so that my team can perform and roll with what comes at us and we don’t have to worry about anything.

What was your biggest struggle in launching your business?

Knowing my own brand!  Funny thing about branding strategists, is that we can give great advice but treating ourselves like our own clients isn’t really the first thing on our list of priorities.  But if you don’t invest in your OWN messaging and story, You could miss out on your best success story!

If you were to provide advice to the girl who is currently day dreaming about starting her own business what three tips would you give her?  

  • TIP 2:  Know who you are, what you offer, and stick to it.  I’m sure you can do a million and a half things, but if you spread yourself too thin, then how will you be an expert at anything?
  • TIP 3:  Know your benefits.  Be able to tell people HOW you can help them in 30 seconds or less as opposed to telling them what you can do.  It’s the difference between feature puking and successfully closing business by showing them what hurts and how you can make that pain go away!

Where can people find you?  

If you are a business owner, a startup or an entrepreneur, book a complimentary strategy session with me! SIGN ME UP!

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