Flying High in the Sky

These past couple of weeks have been very busy… so busy that I haven’t even been writing :-/ and I feel like there has been so much to say in the past two weeks! I’ve started a new job with former coworkers, synced up with a local Wedding Planner to assist in day of event coordination, gone paddle boarding for the first time and faced a major fear of flying in a small airplane!

One way to get over your fears is by facing them head on, but if you have the option to face the fear or avoid it, I typically avoid it. But what happens when avoiding it is no longer an option? You learn that you can face your fears, head on.

It is so sad to actually admit this, but I would of never experienced flying in a small airplane if I were to go with close family or friends because I would of run in the other direction (most likely crying!) Like I said, I can’t believe I just admitted this! When you are told you have to fly on a small plane for work, you really don’t have another choice, crying is no longer an option and I quickly turned my thoughts into “well, I guess I am going to get over my fear today!” and I did!

It was a very cool experience, and much smoother than I would have expected! I kept myself calm by breathing deeply during take off and landing (unfortunately, I closed my eyes during these parts), but when I opened them the view was spectacular! Last week was the first flight to and from and today I flew out again, less nervous than before 🙂 Check out some of the photos from the plane!





Have you recently overcome a major fear? If so, how did you get through it?

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