Asking the Wedding Party

I said yes! Now it’s our turn to ask the wedding party!

But how exactly should we pop the question?! Scrolling through Pinterest provides so many ideas it’s hard to decide… I felt like this was a special question that shouldn’t be asked over the phone, so we decided we would ask our friends in person. And we wanted something that would work well for the ladies and the fellas, so we had everyone over for dinner, where we handed them a special bottle of wine or beer. These bottles were customized with wine and beer labels to provide a unique and individualized bottle for each person.

groomsmen beer

Interested in creating these fabulous DIY labels? See how easy it really is below:

Creating the Labels

I purchased Avery 8 1/2 x 11 White Shipping Labels and designed 4 labels per page for the wine and beer bottles. The wine labels were fairly simple to create by breaking the page up into four quadrants and designating each quadrant as a label. I have a laser printer at home providing the professional print job I was looking for, if you don’t have one at home you can go to Staples or any other office supply store and have them print it.

Once I printed the sheet of labels I cut them to size to remove any white trim.

I also did the same thing with the beer bottle labels, click here to download the template. These were a little harder to cut the top part because of the design, but an exacto knife got the job done!



Adhering the Labels to the Bottle

First you need to clear the current labels from the wine and beer bottles by removing it with a razor blade and warm water. It worked best when the bottle is room temperature versus an already chilled bottle of wine or beer (this is also important when adhering the labels to the bottles).

Once the bottles are completely dry and the labels have been removed, you can add your personalized label to the bottles. I like to apply the label on from right to left, to avoid any air bubbles and to ensure a smooth finish. I promise you don’t want to do this to a cold bottle of beer or wine as the condensation makes it very difficult for the label to adhere and may smear your label, just trust me on this one!

And that’s it – you’re done!

We really enjoyed having everyone over to ask them such an important question.

The Final Product

bridesmaid wines

What do you think? How would you ask the question?!

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