Laundry Room Makeover

It is amazing how a little refresh can make such a big difference in a space and in turn make me so happy. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with the results of this simple project! Mike and I recently tackled the laundry room and I am in love with the outcome! Seriously, I smile every time I walk in there now, I’m sure you can see why…

LRM Before and After

Unlike most of the Pinterest posts with gorgeous, large, naturally lit laundry rooms, ours is in the back corner of the condo, off of the kitchen with no natural light. Lacking this light, airy feel with a space for large countertops, our laundry room is shared room with the pantry. I’d love to have that picture perfect Pinterest laundry room with large windows and floral arrangements just sitting on unused counter space, but we’re just not there yet and who knows when we will get lucky enough to make it to Pinterst status!? I actually think our laundry room is a pretty decent size for being in a condo, but it was started to feel dingy, lifeless and in need of an update. The appliances have been there since I moved in 7 years ago and who knows how long before that, so I was beginning to get that itch to spruce up the space…

New Appliances

Since I could no longer keep my feelings at bay about the laundry room, we decided to get the Samsung top load washer and dryer. And yes, it is amazing! It sings to me when it is done with the cycle, it doesn’t have the annoying post in the middle of the machine and it is huge! I can wash my comforters in the machine with ease and drying only takes one cycle versus two or three – it is perfect!


A Splash of Paint

Before the new appliances arrived, we painted the dingy space with the same color we updated the rest of the house with, Valspar’s Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe. After we started painting the space we realized the ceiling was painted the same color as the walls, a yellowish beige, no wonder it felt dingy in there! So of course we painted the ceiling white. We also decided to do an accent wall with Valspar’s Aspen gray, to break up the space.


Updated Storage Space

We were very fortunate to receive the upper cabinets from Mike’s parents who had them sitting in the garage. They were originally a cherry wood with no inserts in the doors as it was meant for glass to showcase china or drinking glasses. We wanted to lighten up the space as much as possible, so we decided to paint them white and added white painted plywood to the doors to finish them off. Replacing our open storage space to a cleaner more ascetically pleasing solution.

2014-03-03 18.03.16


The Little Details

After playing around with the configuration of the two cabinets we decided to put them each in a corner and add two open shelves between the cabinets. These open shelves are a great place for the little details. The items shown on the shelves are listed below:

  • Glass jar for oxi clean found at Home Goods
  • Turquoise tray for dryer sheets found at Target
  • “Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat” picture can be downloaded here
  • Frame was an old one laying around the house that I spray painted silver


Like I said, I am really happy with the outcome of this simple project! What do you think? Have you recently done some simple updates that made a world of a difference?

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