Home Tour: Color Inspiration

Life is about trial and error, you never know if you are going to like something or be good at it until you try it. I tried a color in my condo when I first moved in – I loved the idea of the color, it was bold and made a statement. I was only using it on a few accent walls, but after living in the space for a while I realized I didn’t love it, not because of the color, but because of the lack of natural light in the condo. The main living area’s only source of natural light comes from a sliding glass door to my patio, which is then blocked by a big tree/shrub (which is great for privacy but definitely eliminates some of the very little natural light I get into the main space).

So how do you make a space with limited windows seem more open and airy?

I decided to change the accent walls that I originally painted a brick, rustic red color to a light muted green. I ended up changing out the three accent walls to Lowe’s Valspar Green Tea Leaves. Instead of absorbing the light like the brick color did, the muted green reflects the light and allows the little bit of natural light that shines through to bounce off these walls and brighten up the living area. I love how a little paint can make a huge difference!

Once I changed the color of the accent walls, I made sure that my accent pillows, table décor and art work matched the new color scheme. All of my larger pieces are neutral and can work in mostly any space, I did have to change the smaller, accent items out, but I did a little over time to make it easier on my wallet.



(I thought I had more photos of the brick color, if I find them I will be sure to add them!)

Color Inspiration: Earth tones with beachy accents

Most of the colors used around the condo are earth tones of beiges, grays and puddy as well as dark woods such as Espresso, Jacobean, Red Mahogany and of course the Nantucket Beach wood floors with accents of muted greens, blues and turquoise.

Color Inspiration


DSCN0242 DSCN0246 DSCN0239

What do you think of the before and after? Do you like the green tea leaves or do you prefer the brick color?

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