Should you have an Instagram Landing Page?

How many times are you changing the link in your profile on Instagram? If your answer is on the daily, then we need to chat. Maybe you heard of LinkTree and made the switch to that cool tool, eliminating the need to do the constant link shuffle. It’s amazing, right?!

But I also think there is a better way.

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If you’ve clicked on my link in profile last month, you may have noticed I left my branded, on-site Instagram landing page to try out LinkTree. At first, it seemed great, it’s easy to use and takes no time to set up. But one of the things that stood out was my inability to customize it, and have it look like my site, and well, that’s because it isn’t. 

After having it up for a week, I started to notice that I could not track the analytics the way I could previously. If someone was clicking on the LinkTree link in Instagram, I no longer had visibility into that. They could be bouncing and I would never know! Yikes.

So, after a quick chat with my friend Megan from Megan Martin Creative, and hearing her thoughts on the same thing, I decided to go back to my on-site Instagram landing page.

It’s branded, it’s on site, and it’s pretty simple to create. You can eliminate the constant link shuffle by simply creating a new page on your website, add in the information and voila you’re set.

It’s pretty easy to create and it doesn’t need to be elaborate, mine is here.

My Instagram landing page is made up of the following items:

  • An image of me, to reinforce which link in bio someone just clicked on
  • The top links that I want them to click on including freebies, my latest blog post, and more about me

I love the visibility I have with this on-brand and on-site landing page versus LinkTree. I can see how many people land on this page, where they click, and how long they spend on the page. This is extremely helpful insight to let me know where users are clicking and spending their time, allowing me to edit my content accordingly.

What do you think? Will you set up a landing page for your Instagram account?

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