Travel Smarter with these 4 Essential Apps

With the travel bug in full effect, I’m sharing 4 apps that will help you travel smarter for your next trip – ours is THIS Friday! 

Lately, the hubs and I have had the travel itch, our bags are packed and ready to go, you just say where! We haven’t even left for Prague yet, but we are already starting to plan next year’s trip to Bali! Like I said, we’ve got the bug, and man it is real. With all of these travel plans here’s how we’ve been finding the best deals.

Travel smarter with these 4 apps!

Top 4 Apps to Help You Travel Smarter


An app that watches and monitors flights for you, giving you predictions to help you purchase the cheapest flight. This mobile app even sends you notifications, telling you exactly when prices drop.This is how we got our flights to London for our upcoming trip to Prague for less than $600 round trip per person! 

Hopper can only be used on mobile devices, learn moreGet the app, click here.


This is perfect for those long layovers. If you’re looking to refresh, relax, and stay connected this app allows you to identify available lounges in select airports. This would have been sooo perfect during our trip to Italy last year. Since we structure this trip to have a 48 hour rendezvous in London before heading to Prague, we won’t be able to use it this trip, but this will be vital when we make the trek to Bali.

Checkout this app.


Never get lost again when traveling! This app allows you to have access to map and navigation without being connected to your service provider or wifi! This is a game changer.

Download the app.

Google Translate

This app can convert words, phrases and short sentences from one language to another. A true life saver!

Yes, please! Download the app.

Do you have any travel apps that you recommend? Or are you planning a fun trip? Let me know in the comments below!

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